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two. to break down or stop to work. The brakes failed. onklaar raak يَكُف عَن أداء وظيفتهِ развалям се falhar selhat versagen bryde sammen; svigte χαλώ, παύω να λειτουργώ fallar üles ütlema از کار افتادن hajota tomber en panne לְהִתקַלקֵל असफल pokvariti se, ne raditi elromlik rusak bila guastarsi 故障する 고장나다 sugesti bremzes nenostrādāja rosak het begeven svikte, ikke virke/fungere zepsuć się له كاره لوېدل falhar a se strica выйти из строя zlyhať pokvariti se pokvariti se strejka, inte fungera, klicka ไม่ทำงาน bozulmak 停止作用 зламати(ся) خراب ہو جانا، بگڑ جانا hỏng 停止作用

Quite a few show up as all-or-practically nothing categorizations of the end result, failing to account to the wonderful granularity and analog nature of lenition shown within the existing analyze.

fail - quit working or performing; "The engine eventually went"; "The car died around the highway"; "The bus we travelled in broke down on just how to town"; "The espresso maker broke"; "The motor failed on the way in which to town"; "her vision went after the incident"

The demonstrate can also be way far too much of a duplicate of other demonstrates. If you're going to do a demonstrate on funny videos, test carrying out a thing new. That is definitely, In addition to acquiring TC as your host. That's not the deal breaker though. Ross is. I don't know who she's, but we don't have to have a clearly show endeavoring to press the transsexual motion on our country. Who the heck is she anyway? I'm not likely to look at the display all over again, but provided that she's on there, I unquestionably will not!

Mind Lowry of Assortment said World's Funniest Fails "tries to concoct a video game aspect around the clips that in no way seriously is sensible", but "Should the target was to develop a series that reveals even a shred of originality or ingenuity, as 'Fails with the Week' go, hey, it appears like we have already got a winner!"[three] Episodes[edit]

These banks…are a complete ton larger now than they ended up when we bailed them out in 2008 since they were being as well major to fail.

On a daily basis, with no fail, he has toast and coffee for breakfast. two : a failure (as by a security vendor) to provide or obtain securities within a prescribed time period after obtain or sale

A person past try to find out what 1803 will do on the fresh put in of 1709, with Very little plugged in, so just microsoft OS and its motorists here - gues what FAIL again.

Delighted Friday! It is time for some refreshing fails! This week we study the perils of piñata, Digital reality turning out to be a little bit much too real, and much more! Submit YOUR fails to FailArmy.com and you could potentially gain $...

faience faïence d'Oiron faik fail failance failing failing quality/mark Phrases Associated with fail

1. the condition or act of failing. She was upset by her failure during the exam; failure in the electricity provide. mislukking, onderbreking فَشَل неуспех fracasso nezdar; výpadek das Versagen nederlag; svigt αποτυχία, βλάβηfracaso, suspenso, corte ebaõnnestumine, tõrge ناکامی؛ شکست epäonnistuminen, hajoaminen échec; panne כִּשָלוֹן असफलता pomanjkanje, neuspjeh kudarc, bukás; meghibásodás kegagalan það að e-ð bregst fallimento, insuccesso 失敗 실패 nesėkmė, gedimas neveiksme; neizdošanās; trūkums kegagalan mislukking, storing stryk , fiasko; bruddniepowodzenie, awaria ناكامى، نشتوالى، بې وسى خوسا توب، ورستوالى، ډوپه توب، ناكام (سړى يا شى fracasso eşec; pană провал; перебои neúspech; zlyhanie neuspeh; okvara neuspeh misslyckande, strejkande ความล้มเหลว başarısızlık 不及格,不足 відсутність; невдача ناکامیاب ہونے کی صورت tình trạng không thích hợp, không hoạt động như mong đợi 不及格,不足

Wintertime has returned coupled with chilly weather. Wrap you inside a blanket and challenge on your own with our 14-dilemma quiz about words regarding winter.

Jessica Simpson both hasn't skipped a leg day in her daily life or has long been brushing up on her Photoshop abilities, as evidenced by these allegedly-edited shots of her shockingly muscular thighs.

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